Dating back to the early years of life, males were designated as dominant and women as their slaves. This kept on increasing and women being the slaves couldn’t raise their voice. Later we see many women protection acts coming up and women at least are on the path of achieving equality.
From then to now, we still identify women with pathetic angle and men as the crowned head.

What is feminism?

Feminism is highly misleading. Many of the feminists came up telling us the real meaning of feminism. Feminism does not promote gender superiority. It is the allocation of rights of women on equal grounds.

Why is feminism needed?

Now, many would say that, why do we need feminism if all are equal in eyes of law?
So, not all females are having access to their rights. There are still many girls and women facing suppression, being victims of molestation every day. Thus, feminists stand up in their favour to provide them with their rights for equality.

I do not want you to confuse this with people calling themselves as feminists on social media. Many of them are just part of pseudo propaganda and playing female cards for gender resistance.

Talk of equality

Reflecting gender on equal grounds,  Every human being possesses the power to take control of their life. Everybody can show their resistance or agreement. ‘No means no’ is viable to all the genders.
None of us is worthy to insult the other person or infuriate our anger upon.
Nobody should be ill-treated, and this nobody comprises of everyone, whether it be a male, female or transgender.

Male toxicity

In the same way, boys too hold the freedom to preserve their dignity and raise voice against discrimination that prevails against them. Now we can’t form an image of a male being suppressed, right? Maybe because there are rarely any activists coming up to raise issues of male toxicity, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

We have transgender right allocation and women protection acts to some extents, then, why policies for a male are highly neglected?

If women should not be subjected to any unjust treatment, then men too don’t need to hide their emotions every time.
What we have come across as masculinity, is the differentiation since childhood, we didn’t let them play with the dolls; what if their favourite superhero wasn’t a fighter with gunshots but a fairy in pink, we mocked them.
Why we need a man displaying romantic emotions for us and not the feeling of being broke or weeping in grief?
Why we always expect a man to build us a dream house, what if he wanted to hold cooking utensils instead of machine tools, which he has to out of compulsion just to feed his family.
If a woman is not comfortable meeting a stranger, a man too isn’t normal with it, as now every 4 out of 5 persons will judge him just because that rogue planned a rape on you or that creepy uncle didn’t take off his eyes from your body. It’s hard to make everyone believe always that you do not have any bad intentions.
We never think of the ones who wanted to extend their support, offer you a help; who want to be naked with you not physically but emotionally.
What with the guys who can’t even act childish because they have their girlfriend beside them, who expect maturity to handle them.

Who’s responsible for such male toxicity, is it fake feminism, expectations or law and order, which does not even consider male molestation and rape as an offence?

Also, who is responsible for the creation of the terms like ‘Indian feminism’, ‘faux feminism’, is it the laws trying to protect some of the women rights or social media posts, taking a second to turn women into victims without the knowledge of incidents happening.

P.S. – I truly abide judicial laws and this was not with an intention of hurting anybody’s feelings in any way.
Above mentioned opinions are purely mine and could be challenged with respect to the situation.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall; who’s the confident amongst all?

What you figure yourself out when you look into the mirror? Do you see your past presiding over you or a better future waiting for you?
Do you see yourself better before or feel proud of what you are today?
Confidence is a thing we await to see while looking ourselves into the mirror. Nobody except us knows what we were before and what we are today. Nobody sees your growth or what you have gone through, what they see is people standing in front of them in present.
Everyone wishes that whosoever meets you must feel good vibes from you, but is it even possible when you aren’t confident about your own self?

Self positivity gives you that confidence from within. It’s not an easy job but can be achieved when you decide to work on yourself.

~ First and foremost thing is accepting your present. If you keep on reminding yourselves of the past problems and future worries, it would definitely affect your personality. You either have to forget the things that happened to you or fight for the things that you own.

~ Once you are living in the present, you don’t have to lose the hope and keep on going on the path you decided for yourself. The foremost thing is not to disappoint yourself. If you started losing the hope or diverted from your paths, you better repair it now, before you end with self-guilt and disappointments.

~ Now, I would like to ask you to be grateful for whatever we have. Whenever somebody asks you your strengths, why we feel it so difficult to answer that question because we never had a thought to the things which make us feel powerful. We rather see the things that we don’t have. Are they really needed, when there are surely certain things and people around you who unintentionally make you feel that power? Count your blessings, not your failures.

~ Then it comes to taking charge of your own life and not moulding it as people say. I’ve seen people living their lives determined by else’s opinion, living according to societal norms. I never believed in the concept of reincarnation, even if you do, you don’t know if it’s your last birth on this earth. So why not shape it the way we want it to be, spend each day towards the things that build the feeling of proud in us because when we are proud of ourselves, everybody around us feels proud of being known to us.

~ Now, we live in this world of trendsetters, where nothing sticks around. This is the nature of the world and if we don’t adopt it, we end up hurting ourselves. This is becoming an obstacle to a smooth lifestyle as when something unusual comes up, we respond to it the most unusual way. Be ready for any change. If anybody leaves or stays, if something happens all of sudden or even when you expected it, you must know how to handle yourself. Once you decide to go ahead, there is no person or no habit that could stop you. In the end, you have to live with yourself, giving answers to you as you will always be there for yourself and nobody else’s presence is going to affect it.

~ Now finally you reached this step, now you will be able to understand life brings you to the point where you have a strong urge to have something. Something that constantly pricks you to involuntary actions. If that’s the thing, ask for it.
Ask for everything you want, anything you want to have. No matter the answer is in negative or affirmative but it will surely free you of no regrets. You’ll never have to think it again that you could have done that if you’d asked for it.

This is how a strong personality works, the way you think people to feel about you is the way you think of yourself. If anything similar comes to your mind that needs to be changed after reading the above points, then you know your journey. These things may take a while to adapt but it’s never too late to start and never too late to rewind. Once you decide to work on yourself, you’d see no one in your journey to a peaceful life. It only takes a few moments of determination.

Cancel the negatives

You cannot be loveable to everyone but surely to someone

Some people don’t always remain the way we want them to, they do create bad memories for us. I’m not criticising their upbringing but maybe their acts were out of some ethics they carried with them. Whether it be a small betrayal to someone or some harassment to the other. Those people force you to build up your mind a certain way, a way of not trusting others, a way of killing your own desires. Is really there a need of being self critical, when all you know is that the person is to blamed?

At that time all you need is someone who is ready to accept you the way you are, and not confusing you with your past. You need someone with zero judgements and fakeness. You deserve somebody who not only give ears to your problems but also is mature enough to analyse the situation and give you a solution. A solution that brings you out stronger and not a dependant person. Somebody who is not forcing their dreams to you, but trying to help you with the things you have planned for yourself.

Now this may sound as hypothesis as most of us come across people who are packed with fake promises. Fake ones would talk in a certain way that they start owning you. You would be all unaware of somebody’s opinions and perspectives and suddenly we feel so much connected that we lose our own algorithms. We might consider this option to heal ourselves temporarily.

This is the most crucial phase when you have to be highly careful before possessing your trust. We have to be sure of the mentality of the person we want to carry with us. Those have to be the real and permanent ones.

What we actually need is someone helping us to create a present or someone who is pushing us to where we belonged earlier?
And obviously you know your set of rules and ethics to hold on to your respect and be loyal with the ones that you always have by your side.

You cannot be loveable to everyone but surely to someone. One always finds a person who is not turning back to past and something futile but atleast creating a better ‘present’ for you.

Why should I rebuild the bond that I haven’t broken?

I’ve seen people parting themselves from getting attached to somebody, in a threat of feeling betrayed.
Betrayal was never planned’

Life is about gaining experiences and knowing persons. Some of them are your cup of tea, and later it’s disheartening how they no longer be a suitable match for you.
People change, so does you. Not every change is a good one.

One must behold the moments you get to live. It is rare to find certain people with whom you feel the connection. Being with them encourages you to blur out your thoughts. Their presence in your sorrows is everything to you and sharing your joys just doubles them.
They provide you with much of ease that emphasizes you to surrender everything, just for the sake of you being together. Now, this statement generates a question. Is it even worth to give up on everything for a person, if you are not sure about the upcoming events?
What if your partner finds the same comfort with somebody else? Would you respect his happiness or curse him for the chaos?

Bond is a two-way thing. It has nothing dealing with ego, guilts, revenge or anything. It works on a simple rule. You feel attached, you stay and if you don’t you need to take yourself out of it. Either, you live that moment or experience a lesson.
It’s a bond you share with yourself and expect everybody to be the part of it, but not everybody matches your thoughts and your perspectives.
One must be grateful for every jovial moment in their life.

If you know, that’s the best time you experienced, you will definitely get your way out and try to rebuild it regardless of anything and anyone. Nobody knows your partner better than you, rebuilding something may take some time and is even filled with some downfalls, but it is worth trying rather than regretting the loss in later future.
A few moments later, all the ego, self-esteem would feel like the scorns in a bunch of beautiful flowers. At last, you have to decide your battles. If it is yours, triumph over it. If it has to be yours, no matter what probability ratio suggests, it will turn to your favour.

But if the person is not yours, relish the moments of happiness breaking the expectations of the future. Everybody does have a match and gets it somewhere in life. To hold and to keep forever, somebody will be there.
You can never hold somebody without their negotiations, you must try to regain regardless of who made mistakes and why. If a simple apology brings back your everything, it costs you nothing.
Else, let a person be in their comfort zone, and let your soul be watchful of its own.

I lost everything without even knowing my mistake!

Mistakes can tell us about your place in someone’s life. It can bring out the priorities of other person. Can you ignore his same mistake which you did past ago?
The term “everything” holds two different meanings in society, divided on gender basis. What “everything” is for girls includes, her respect, dignity and honour. Yes, all that is true, but why these terms disappear when we talk about “everything” for boys.

They shared the same blanket feeling the souls of each other. Their eyes glared with free-hearted talks.
All the secrets were disclosed with purity in their love. Trust, thin strand of thread elated itself into wool. It kept on building and thereby becoming cognizant of each other’s perception with 2a.m. talks. They naked their souls to each other. It was the love every other person wanted to commit himself to. Delicate was her trust, which he carried in the chamber of his heart. He being aware of her trust being unchallenged. She was meticulous with her thoughts but heedless to her actions. Sharing the same bond under the same blanket, she sipped her tea. She whispered to his ears, that she gave her “everything” to him. He replied in a subtle tone, “she was his everything”.

Both contributed to a bond which came with a label of fragile, “handle with care” . Thinking themselves to be mature enough, were never afraid of the turn of events. But it is easy to be wise after the event. So does the wave of contrition and repentance hit them. Maturity does not come with the idea of unshakeable decisions. Their thoughts hit back to the future situation.

Her analytical mind trapped her. She could not give up her thoughts for him but was successful in developing the new one. Every passing day marks a new beginning to their lives, both trying to come over each other’s whiff. They could not undo the actions and overcome the hallucinations. They ended up hoping the best, conversing for the best. That best happened, boy’s wish was successfully granted.
She attained her much-awaited happiness, not in his arms but definitely in someone’s better.
Boy carried on giving a glance to his “everything”. She wasn’t the one giving away her everything that day, but the boy hoping to live eternity with her. She was the one who was everything for him. She comprised of his food, happiness, tears, anger, peace and everything, she took away. Everything was certainly lost for him, whose deficiency was filled by unheard screams. Determined with his morals, he never dared to disclose the false accusations or blaming her. He was just carried loads of plans destiny had for him.

Flashbacks no longer haunt him, not even the false hopes. What haunts him is the inability to understand his mistake. She didn’t mention it, but he surely did understand that he was the one who was considering her as a whole. For her, everything just meant about herself and not as a whole.
People consider her chastity being stolen whereas male chastity and virtues died their natural death.

And suddenly she felt betrayed

The day she was first introduced to betrayal, she went carrying loads of her body to the bed and squeezed her face with the pillow to cover her inflictions of deceit. Her blood relations stared her pillow engulfing her tears completely unaware of her mind thoughts. She was enduring a thirst which now no water or her favourite juices could quench. She wanted everything to turn back to normal, which was not likely to happen.

Flashbacks of all the promises continued to haunt her in nights. All her doubts were raised above her affection. Yes, she was again left alone, but this time she didn’t have a guy to blame. This betrayal comes from a very unexpected source. This comes direct from the seeds of friendship which were sown at early stages of life. These are at the purest and dewy-eyed decision we take to choose our connections right in the beginning. Similarly, she was unaware of how heinous and toxic associate she is with.
She continued counting on her mistakes which descends her importance. How could she forget the faces she once murmured in her dreams? Were her feelings so easy to come over with? Are you being selfish or I am no longer salient to you? All of her questions remain unanswered.

Their being together was a bang not only to them, but a blow for everyone around them. No other person could replace that.
She remembered all the childhood fun they did. She still remembers her favourite dress, which she hadn’t returned yet. She hopes of a happy end which happened to most of their fights with the drops of tears and tight hugs. Her secrets were not feeling the same comfort which they both shared. She has a list of all nicknames, which she gave to her, which kept building her trust. The trust which she wasn’t even ready to impose on her close connections of blood but was taken by this bond. All her dressing room selfies were swiped in chat history with tears falling on the screen. She kept on asking herself if she deserved to be a part of all this.
She was disturbed not because she left her, she was in chaos because she didn’t give a reason for it. Her pure little heart was not ready to accept that fellow being self-centred.

Her focus didn’t stay stable and her feelings for being important continued to stride in. No one was there to listen her patiently and cheer her up. She got so attention junky that she continued ignoring some really important people. She was now all alone, looking for the same feeling of peace and relaxation which came being with her because she knew that it was the safest to disclose all she carried inside her heart. Sometimes you don’t care to be judged because there is no reason to judge you if there is no turning back. In such a scenario, fights don’t really matter. They’ll find a way to get together. But all of a sudden your favourite person has gone off so far that your happiness didn’t matter to her. Getting yourself open like a book isn’t really easy but when you find the right person whole days and nights are never enough. After so much of revelation, you are not able to string up your emotions. She was finding a place where she could express her miseries, she could get through with real image of hers. She wanted it so desperately that she couldn’t resist this disorder.

After a huge hunt and sequential amount of laments, she got a sight of her. She was looking at her, like her life savoir. But why this savoir didn’t come to her? Did she just crossed your path? She must haven’t noticed you. Maybe this was due to her extreme happiness she shared with someone who must be better than you. She was with her only one. The one who strained her being with you. Maybe you were no longer a “good company” for her. That was the day she developed a complete faith in “Love is blind”. She was then just always surrounded by her memories and non-existing feelings because she promised her never to leave her alone.

The Touch I never asked for..

Still thinking about my childhood education, never was I told about the bad or a good touch. I wish I would have known all this, so I could distinguish the things even better.
Like every women realises a touch which is not normal, touch which is stealing her morality similarly a small girl also held that insight. Childhood doesn’t teach suspection, ravish and molestation. Even after this a small girl, a mature lady or an old woman can sense the malicious purposes.
This is a touch which comes from very unexpected source. The source which we consider to be the most purest. ‘Cousins’ who are believed to be your ‘soul protectors’ , but what if you are receiving a negetive vibe from their soul? What if they tried to touch you the way you don’t want? What when your soul and body is in threat by the ones you expected to protect it?

Everyone fantasise many childhood games to play with all the cousins gathered at a family event. Who thought it would not be the decent play. An imitating and acting game would become a nightmare for a young girl.
On every stage of the game, she was quietly feeling each cold shrike running across her body one after another. She could estimate the hand span by the way it felt on her each body part. She was unaware of the growing world and the changes it could bring to her. The only thing she knew was that he was meant to be the part of her family. He was there to protect her and not to trouble her.
Hands didn’t stopped, neither his desire for more. He kept on pushing it as deep and as far as he could. That girl was only able to feel something which wasn’t needed, something out of the algorithms of the game. The warmth of the weather could be felt more with the unwanted presence of the evil touches. The cold shrikes kept on exploring all her body.

Like everything which cannot stretch more than the limit, there was a point of resistance. There was a freezing point when her body didn’t allowed her to get a show of it. But few resisting efforts can’t stop a massive desire for his cravings. His hands kept on thrusting deep. She kept on feeling the touches getting closer to her body as the layers of clothing were getting thinner. All the fingerprints were in friction with the grooves of her body.

She many times decided to stand against it with all the efforts. When no layer could be felt, she was determined to confront . Many of the barters and fake assurances were provided to her as a bait. All the efforts were in vain. The ‘soul protector’ was standing in front like a huge demon willing to discard the flesh of your body.

Many would say, those were the bad days. Girl was dealing with the harsh luck. But every dark shows its brighter side. Girl looked at the door as a feeling of hope. She ran towards it with all the power she carried. Buttoning herself from one hand she stretched her small body to reach the doorway. It was the only edge to seek an escape. This time it was the turnover. She pushed him finding a correct timing. The tables were turned against him. The demon pleaded to keep this in the dark. He never wanted to disclose his actions. He requested not to take off his mask as a soul protector.
Small girl who was now well aware of his desires which he told himself. She experienced all the knowledge which must be provided in the verbal manner. The small girl who was once ready to surrender, cried out the bitter words to the boy. She shouted to reveal his acts immediately. These words came from nowhere. It was astonishing to see a young girl speaking the words of a courageous women. She was ready to put out every truth to everyone without even knowing the intentions of the act. But when she reached to the laps of her mother and was ready to burst out all the courageous words she gathered , all the maturity went off. She was not able to adduce a single word of the story. She was unaware about his deeds. Were they to hurt her or under the oath of the brotherhood? The truth was concealed by the innocence of the small girl.

She was carrying load of the events who took her trust and belief from childhood and the ethics she was told. Much years later, she recapitulated the events, formed a row. It was then she was able to understand that what were the intentions, what it could do to her and from what she has saved herself from unknowingly.